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From My Closet- Paolo Pumps

Hello Linea Paolo.

I couldn’t move to actually take a photo of them in decent lighting. But the emo window sill pictures will have to suffice.

And yes, to answer a reader’s question: Most of all the things you see(will see) posted in FROM MY CLOSET will end up on shopCIARA for your personal pleasure.

I am trying to keep up the blogging. But my body hurts….and so does typing.

PS. Any one have any Vicks Throat spray? Mind teleporting it my direction?

XO with a gross cough to follow the kiss,



Those Sam Ed’s were such a steal. If you know me, you know I refuse to spend a pay check on kicks. So, when I saw these for A LOT less than a pay check…it was a sealed deal.

Off to enjoy a Chai and some quick conversation at Starbucks.

Then, hustle.

2. No one person has been able to give me as much peace and happiness in every interaction as Ian Gale. He is my “little brother”, but with how much I learn from him, the light I see in him…I can hardly call him little.

Jessica Stam

Note: HIGH TOPS!!!!

Jessica Stam in the full white is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.

Stam was discovered in a local Tim Hortons coffee shop by Michèle Miller (an agent at the International Model Management agency in Barrie, Ontario) who found Stam on the way back from Canada’s Wonderland (a theme park just outside Toronto).

Stam is currently dating Anaheim Ducks hockey player Aaron Voros formerly of the New York Ranger.

She has said the Paris runways are her favorite to walk: “It’s the most beautiful city and I have friends who live here. Plus, by this point all the models have been together for a month so we’re all pretty close. And of course, there’s a glimpse of the end!”

She is working on getting her pilot’s license.

Karlie Kloss

In honor mockery of the feared FRIDAY THE 13TH, I am featuring Karlie Kloss. Beautiful, but the WAAAAY  too skinny, which is quite spooky. She did check herself into rehab however, so I wish her the best. It isn’t easy having your business on display for the world! Get better, eat a hamburger!

You already know I just had to put this (^) one in. That is hilarious!!!!