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I built this… ツ

Before ‪#‎thethickness‬ and before I started training how I train for my booty.
✔no surgery
✔no photoshop
✔no supplements for booty growth lol
✔no shots 💉

I eat. When I want, and what I want. I’ve trained how I’ve learned is best for booty and learned from the mistakes of what coaches and competition groups were telling me over the years of competing and cardio death. 💀

If you are just beginning OR are looking for that jumpstart to your gym time, you can find ALL 4 weeks of my BOOTY BUMP GUIDE up on, as well as more content for all areas of life: beauty, relationship, pole fitness, and more!

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My Social Media…Media

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”// earl nightingale •

I receive copious amount of judgement and assumptions from men and women alike, but mainly women. They see a single image or video of me and create a narrative that is very far from true. While I am not without MANY flaws and fall short of the glory of God, what you see is what you get. There is no escorting, multiple penis and deep drug issue in the background. Just me finally being able to feel comfortable in a sports bra and not always hiding behind shame and a long sleeve shirt. A sexy image or a video of me doing a strength/flexibility on a pole or twerking my heart out (haha) to my jam instead of a gym workout does not negate my integrity or equate to me being promiscuous or without morals. It’s this kind of insecurity and small mindedness that keeps us women not only in our own shells, but keeps women as a whole under a blanket of shame and discrimination. How can we expect anything else from the opposite sex or groups as a whole? I encourage all of us to learn to open our hearts first and perhaps see the heart and meaning behind someone’s intentions and actions. I open my heart and my life to strangers and friends alike on howdareSHE for the goal that it serves as a catalyst for growth and accountability for women across the world. If you are one who have very strong opinions about my bum, my face, my photos, my dancing, my sports, my passions or why I do what I do, I invite you to educate yourself and READ my words in addition to criticizing my media. 😊


Ciara Le Pole Practice Ep. 1

Now that I am getting into some trickery with the pole, I’m going to get better at filming my practice and progress! I am muscling into a lot of these moves and I cannot wait to be able to just sssslllliiiiidddeeee into them!

This combo is Butterfly to Keem. I want to be able to go all the way into arm pit for final expression! SOON!

Thanks for following and for your encouragement! This is SO different then weight training in the gym! haha!

You can see more how to pole and flexibility videos as well as access to the FULL four week Booty Bump Guide on


Booty Bump Guide is FINALLY here! BUILD your BOOTY!


Booty Bump weekONE #cleacademy showing exactly how I train to grow #thethickness

for you to follow in your gym and kitchen. ❤

For you girls who have been emailing, DMing, and commenting about “what I do for booty”, you now have access to it in detail. It was important to me when creating this that I make it clear, I am not doing this as a “coach”, this is not a quick trick to get “skinny”, and you will not wake up with a bump in the booty growth overnight. HOWEVER, if you stick to this program for the 4 weeks (some of us girls are starting weekONE next Monday), you will see your booty grow…and in the best way possible.

My booty is real, the shelf is real, the density is real lol, and it came from SMART training, not “hard work” running myself into the ground.

Now that I’ve written a novel, lol, you can join to gain access to ALL content: booty, love, life, skin, nutrition, faith, pole dancing, flexibility help, and more!


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Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.27.01 PM

Ciara Le x Warm Up and Contortion Practice

Hi guys! I wanna thank you for all of your support on my recent videos! It’s pretty awesome to mess around with my pole fitness, twerk fun, my dog, etc and still have a few people that appreciate it. :)

I’ve always loved how the body can handle such crazy things that most of us never come close to pushing, but ever since I was in Kung Fu and gymnastics as a child, I’ve loved seeing what my limits are, and going past them.

I’ve always been fairly flexible, but I want to make it a priority to increase in this area especially since it will prove to be beneficial in my pole training and my training in the gym.

I love my “twerk warm ups” even if they look a little silly because it REALLY does loosen up my spine and hips! lol!

Okay, if you like this part of my life and would like more of these kinds of videos, please be sure to like and comment! Feel free to share this video! Sharing is sexy!


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Miley Cyrus Posted A Photo Of Her Licking My…

This is the 6th time that I know of a celebrity posting one of my photos! Hooray!
Only bummer is that the person with the watermark under the frame darkened my watermark between my shoulders.
This photo of me is now making news again on @enews, TMZ and other networks, but people are either thinking it’s Miley licking herself (lol), or that is some mystery girl that no one can find!
From a business perspective, this is suuuuper frustrating for me!! I have TRULY APPRECIATED those of you who have already helped by commenting “this is @ciarale_” on Miley’s post!!!

Via @ciarale_ on IG 
Ayyyy. My original photo in the center, and some of the biggest posts on its rounds on the Internet. It really is kinda cool to be searching for something online and end up seeing your stuff. Thanks for all your help with commenting on Miley’s post. For those of you who do not understand, I will clarify: NO ONE is mad at Miley for posting lolol, my frustration lies with the person who darkened my watermark, added theirs, and then did not give credit back. Instagram/fb/YouTube is what I do. It’s how I pay the bills. SOO having missed opportunities with @enews and more eyes from Miley’s post is super frustrating. I could care less about having more followers. I don’t just post on here for shits and giggles. There is a reason for everything, and I have goals and I’m on the journey just like all of you. I work hard at what I do and try my best to be a memorable and positive page/person in your life. Thanks so much for throwing down so hard for your girl and thanks for just makin shit go viral. Really!

Needless to say…I will most likely be adding the BIGGEST watermark ever on my photos and videos from here on out.

It was a great birthday weekend.

Woke up on Friday feeling blessed, healthy, and happy…

Went out on Saturday to my birthday event held in a club in Old Town Scottsdale.
It was a safe and enjoyable time with some lovely people.

I just have to thank this beauty for doing such amazing work with my hair and makeup. It only took her 1 hour.
I was amazed!
She is here in AZ and can be booked at her salon:

@lalousalon @meaganlee_e

My best friend, Linds, looking like a gottdamn model. 

Post party.
This McDonald’s hasn’t been cleaned in ages. The entire place is as dirty as this table. Dah well. Turn up.

Shoutout to Karrie with a K. #mcdonalds

ig @ciarale_
snapchat: ciaraleplease

Thank you so much to all of you for the birthday wishes and love.
It truly was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in awhile just because of the contact/communication with some dear friends and a lot of awesome readers/followers!


I love you.


My Birthday. <3

Good morning! My birthday is this Friday on the 10th. I really can’t believe I’ll be turning 26. Time goes so fast, and I still watch Tom and Jerry every morning. I don’t necessarily NEED anything bc I have food and oxygen and I am not that girl to post a wish list of the things I want (lol) but I do love snail mail, reading your cards/letters and whatever you lovely people I’ve been blessed with connecting with on the internet desire to send me way. I’ll open everything and record it and upload on YouTube. xo Thank you for making my past year an amazing one. I know I don’t know all 879K of you across all my social media personally, but you’ve had a huge impact on my life and I do not take you for granted. Thanks for being a great present.

Send mail and packages to (fan mail address):
Ciara Le
9524 W. Camelback C130 #176
Glendale,AZ 85305


When you read Maxim, but get angry when your friends post the same kind of photos.

If a naked body (not showing any genitals or performing any sexual acts) still bothers you. Like angers you or makes you feel super uncomfortable. I would challenge you to try to trace that feeling back to its root. Why does it evoke that sort of feeling in you. When you see a bunch of boobs in an R rated movie, it’s okay because she is a famous actress and that is a movie you want to see. But when I post something like this, why is it all of a sudden unacceptable or inappropriate. Food for thought.
But regardless,#howdareshe worthy and I’m proud of all my sisters who dare to BE!
IG: @howdareshe_


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.35.36 PM

WHERE MY LADIES AT?! This is what you’ve been waiting for the past month since I posted my “what’s your biggest booty barrier” post!

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my newest project: howdareSHE

Think of this as a VIP page for women telling all that women want to know, but have been too afraid to ask. I’m talking learning how to grow that booty, learn simple lap dances that could change date night for your husband this week, skin/beauty/mind routines, etc. This is the end of insecurity, jealousy, shaming, at least in the little corner of internet that I have influence!

To read more about howdareSHE:

Husbands/boyfriends- I encourage you to share this with that beautiful woman in your life that you know wishes she could feel more freedom.

My fellow fierce sistas out there, it’s time to stop being afraid of what people will think. It’s time to not just ‪#‎freethenipple‬…BUT FREE YOUR MIND!

Happy Day of Birth howdareSHE!


‪#‎howdareshe‬ @howdareshe_



Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015!

Jade and Johnny Cage in full effect!

Devon put his cosplay together in 15 minutes as always…

My Jade cosplay took about 3 weeks!

Here are all the photos we have, I’m sure you could google for more photos of us in a few days once more people start posting from last weekend! Here’s a link to a video we saw the other day with me showing some awesome bow staff skills! lol! Many thanks to MuchRockeness (James Kelley) for the quick video shoot on our way into the convention center.

We had quite a few interviews there, so I will be updating this posts as they are sent my way.

Let’s get to the pics!


My Jade sneak peak on Instagram the day before Comic Con

Selfie Sesh before we left for the convention center. lol


Snapchat pic got over 8K views on SC. WHOA.

How hot is Dev as Johnny Cage? Lol!

Loved taking photos with all the beautiful girlies there this year!

Lil Mega Man was killin it! SOOOOOO cute with all his poses!

My Lil 300 man was toooo amazing! The missing flip flop and that belly was too much to handle! In love!

“Don’t be nervous, I won’t bite!” I said….
Lol, they still did the “hover hand”

I was soooo stoked to see Mugen! I just finished Samurai Champloo! Perfect timing.


Soooo much fun!
Here is a bts video of a quick shoot Dev and I did during a quick break from walking around the convention center. Travis was super awesome!

Ciara Le Practicing Choreography in Her Pole Class

OMG! I have so much fun doing this choreo during class. I’m the chick in heels (obvi. lol)

You can drop in ANYTIME or join any of the amazing classes Prowess Pole Fitness has! There’s Lyra too!
instagram: prowesspolefitness

You can watch more of Ciara’s pole and stretch videos here:



My living room. Early on a Saturday Morning.

It’s been such fun working on and around my new/old house.

Never did I think I would leave the Scottsdale/Arcadia area to the country, but oh am I glad I did.

It’s beautiful out here. Slow. Peaceful.

Hell. My neighbor is a horse.

Mori loves the land. Devon doesn’t mind the drive (after all, he won’t have to commute to me, and vice versa, much longer! ;))

One of my favorite feelings of this old home, is the stillness in the morning.

When I lived in the three story condo in Arcadia, it was so restless. I could always hear my surrounding neighbors, cars, planes, etc.

I wish you could be here to have a cup of coffee with me and feel it, but I guess some picture I snapped this morning will have to suffice.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

I’ll share some of my Thanksgiving with you soon.


Every year, Devon’s mom makes us ornaments. This year, Mori gets one. It will be his first Christmas. So cute. (via Facebook)

On my tree…

*Go to Mori’s website HERE

Cute serving tray I picked up from Target clearance for $5.95. I’m using it as decoration on my dining table until I have some guests over. D’s and C’s scattered all over my tree. 4 years worth of ornaments from Momma Judge. :) I wish I could have you over for breakfast.

I love the lights reflecting off my pole.


This lil guy is above my living room television. There’s a cool story behind it, but still makes me sad that he was shot. :(After living in my modern condo with hard wood floors, a stiff contemporary couch, and a lot of stuff you couldn’t touch…I sold/gave away most of those things, and opted for soft, inviting, and cozy to grace this home.

Add one sleepy boyfriend that just crawled out of bed and your morning set is complete. :)

NSFW | Have you seen Beyonce’s New Music Video?


This inspirational video brought to you courtesy #beyonce and #ciarale. If this video has touched your life, please continue spreading the love. Be kind to someone today. [i feel like we can really change the world by pairing meaningful life actions with visually appealing photos/videos. It’s like brainwashing, but for the better.]

Ciara Le Practicing Pole


Dicking around yesterday.

YouTube blocked the song, but you can see the clips WITH the song on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you to the BEST pole studio and instructors at Prowess Pole Fitness for teaching me every week!

Ciara Shows How To Get Into Your Side Splits in 10 Minutes!

My goals have changed from things like “bigger biceps” to more flexibility and strength for holds and inverts! It’s been a fun challenge and after requests, I will be sharing my tips and tricks for gradually (but quickly) increasing flexibility and your able to endure the pain that you may experience in the process!

In this first video we tackle what I’m pretty sure all of us girls (and maybe most guys) feel is most bad ass: THE SPLITS.

I did this full warm up and stretch routine in 10 minutes. Be sure to go at your own pace! Obviously, the time will vary depending on how often you stretch and your starting flexibility. Either way, we keep each other accountable and continue to grow in our flexibility and fearlessness!

Next up: Front Splits (hahahah! Someone needs to teach ME first!)

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