I built this… ツ

Before ‪#‎thethickness‬ and before I started training how I train for my booty. ✔no surgery ✔no photoshop ✔no supplements for booty growth lol ✔no shots 💉 • I eat. When I want, and what I want. I’ve trained how I’ve learned is best for booty and learned from the mistakes of what coaches and competition[…]


My Social Media…Media

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”// earl nightingale • I receive copious amount of judgement and assumptions from men and women alike, but mainly women. They see a single image or video of me and create a narrative that is very far from true. While I am not without[…]

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Ciara Le Pole Practice Ep. 1

Now that I am getting into some trickery with the pole, I’m going to get better at filming my practice and progress! I am muscling into a lot of these moves and I cannot wait to be able to just sssslllliiiiidddeeee into them! This combo is Butterfly to Keem. I want to be able to[…]


Booty Bump Guide is FINALLY here! BUILD your BOOTY!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Booty Bump weekONE #cleacademy showing exactly how I train to grow #thethickness for you to follow in your gym and kitchen. ❤ For you girls who have been emailing, DMing, and commenting about “what I do for booty”, you now have access to it in detail. It was important to me when[…]


A Smorgasbord of Photos Over the Past Month Since I’ve Been MIA

I realized that I haven’t shared any of my photos here on the website! GAH! But it’s actually YOUR fault for not following me on Instagram and FB which is where I’ve been posting them! (like how I justified my lack of updating? lol) Also, if you haven’t already. Download the Periscope app and find[…]

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Ciara Le x Warm Up and Contortion Practice

Hi guys! I wanna thank you for all of your support on my recent videos! It’s pretty awesome to mess around with my pole fitness, twerk fun, my dog, etc and still have a few people that appreciate it. I’ve always loved how the body can handle such crazy things that most of us never[…]

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NEW POLE VIDEO | Ciara Le x F*ck You All the Time

Just some casual pole prancing yesterday. Not pressuring myself to do any hard tricks or crazy sexual incredible pole humping of the gods. lol. Just some nice relaxed circles and twirls and sits. Made for a nice break. Click below to watch the video on YouTube!     ____       PS. did you[…]



I introduced Lola to the world yesterday. For those of you who follow me, you know that I have a love for creating these characters/personas. Not only their look and quirks, but also their background and stories. Lola is a recent graduate from University of Jupiter, located on planet Jupiter. Duh. I can’t wait to[…]

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Miley Cyrus Posted A Photo Of Her Licking My…

This is the 6th time that I know of a celebrity posting one of my photos! Hooray! Only bummer is that the person with the watermark under the frame darkened my watermark between my shoulders. This photo of me is now making news again on @enews, TMZ and other networks, but people are either thinking it’s Miley licking[…]

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It was a great birthday weekend.

Woke up on Friday feeling blessed, healthy, and happy… Went out on Saturday to my birthday event held in a club in Old Town Scottsdale. It was a safe and enjoyable time with some lovely people. I just have to thank this beauty for doing such amazing work with my hair and makeup. It only[…]

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When you read Maxim, but get angry when your friends post the same kind of photos.

If a naked body (not showing any genitals or performing any sexual acts) still bothers you. Like angers you or makes you feel super uncomfortable. I would challenge you to try to trace that feeling back to its root. Why does it evoke that sort of feeling in you. When you see a bunch of[…]

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WHERE MY LADIES AT?! This is what you’ve been waiting for the past month since I posted my “what’s your biggest booty barrier” post! I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my newest project: howdareSHE Think of this as a VIP page for women telling all that women want to know, but have[…]


Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015!

Jade and Johnny Cage in full effect! Devon put his cosplay together in 15 minutes as always… My Jade cosplay took about 3 weeks! Here are all the photos we have, I’m sure you could google for more photos of us in a few days once more people start posting from last weekend! Here’s a[…]


Dark Lips x Thick Hips

MAC lip pencil in Hover MAC lipstick in Taupe Balcony Bra Top and skirt: H&M Devon: not sold in stores ___________ DON’T MISS OUT! Only 4 C LE BEND prints left! All orders placed today will be shipped first thing tomorrow. Include how you would like me to personalize your prints in your order notes.[…]

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Ciara Le Practicing Choreography in Her Pole Class

OMG! I have so much fun doing this choreo during class. I’m the chick in heels (obvi. lol) You can drop in ANYTIME or join any of the amazing classes Prowess Pole Fitness has! There’s Lyra too! http://www.prowesspolefitness.com instagram: prowesspolefitness http://youtube.com/poleprowess You can watch more of Ciara’s pole and stretch videos here: GET INTO SIDE[…]


Ciara Shaved Her Head

I had been going back and forth and back and forth and back… and forth over shaving at least SOME part of my head. I didn’t want to do the side as it is so overplayed, but then yesterday, my girlfriend Lindsey tagged me in this dope picture on Instagram and it just became this[…]