Ciara Le started competing in figure as teen. After competing for 6 years, it became evident that is was time to stop focusing on "winning", and use her fitness and following to encourage others to not only a healthy lifestyle, but one of balance.


Loving the camera & seemingly infatuated with entertaining others, skit acting and misc videos has been more than a dream come true. Humor takes precedence, and the world is taking notice. The virality of her videos seems to be an open invitation for C LE to keep being...interesting.


Starting this blog 4 years ago with only 4 readers for the first year, her blog was simply a place to journal. Now at a quarter of a million fans on Facebook, over 66K on IG, and 20K avg hits a day on CIARALE.COM, she is starting to see that there is a lot more in store for this 5ft tomboy...

When you read Maxim, but get angry when your friends post the same kind of photos.

If a naked body (not showing any genitals or performing any sexual...

17th Mar
Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.15.48 PM


WHERE MY LADIES AT?! This is what you’ve been waiting for the...

10th Mar
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.35.36 PM

Calvin Klein Basics x Ciara Le

  The back of my head is for the ladies. Obviously.  

20th Feb

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015!

Jade and Johnny Cage in full effect! Devon put his cosplay together...

17th Feb

Dark Lips x Thick Hips

MAC lip pencil in Hover MAC lipstick in Taupe Balcony Bra Top...

02nd Feb

Ciara Le Practicing Choreography in Her Pole Class

OMG! I have so much fun doing this choreo during class. I’m...

27th Jan
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.44.47 PM

Ciara Shaved Her Head

I had been going back and forth and back and forth and...

14th Jan

First BTS Photos of 2015!

We had a blast shooting the first photos of 2015. It was...

02nd Jan

Do you know “The Struggle”?

Do you know “The Struggle”? See more, on VIP only. CIARALE.COM/HOWTOBEVIP

29th Dec


Our “painted pants” trial was a success! So much fun and so...

17th Dec

This booty progress pic is good for Friday…

Left was 2011 before I had boobs or a butt. Right was...

05th Dec

Today’s Pole Vid

An instagram video posted this morning! You can find me on Instagram...

03rd Dec

Shop Cs Finds

Happy 1st! I don’t know why, but I felt like it was...

01st Dec

My living room. Early on a Saturday Morning.

It’s been such fun working on and around my new/old house. Never...

29th Nov
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.56.15 PM

NSFW | Have you seen Beyonce’s New Music Video?

  This inspirational video brought to you courtesy #beyonce and #ciarale. If...

24th Nov

{NSFW} I spy a Devon.

Yes. D has been making an appearance on my social media after...

23rd Nov

This is My Body

This is my body. No angles, no photoshop (ever), no push up...

19th Nov

Ciara Le on Tosh.0…again.

I’m so excited to be on Tosh.0 blog again! Please take a...

18th Nov
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.58.31 PM

Ciara Le Practicing Pole

  Dicking around yesterday. YouTube blocked the song, but you can see...

14th Nov

Ciara Shows How To Get Into Your Side Splits in 10 Minutes!

My goals have changed from things like “bigger biceps” to more flexibility...

13th Nov